My Diversity Circles Experience

 Mike Johnson-Student Intern                                                                                     My name is Mike Johnson (he/him). I am a mature student, […]


DC Bulletin – Feb 2021 Edition

This edition of the Diversity Circles bulletin includes a Black History Month message, an update on upcoming gatherings including March’s Anti-Racism Dialogue, and also includes a shout out to a new video story from DC friends and collaborators Sharad Khare and Orene Askew!

Diversity Circles logo

Creating Balance

Aaron “Splash” Nelson-Moody, Diversity Circles Collaborator I was honoured to work on the logo for the Diversity Circles project. The red colour we call temlh; it represents the blood of the earth or the blood of the cedar tree so it’s a sacred colour for us here in Coast Salish territory. You could say it is sort of an inner strength. It’s not completely […]