Celebrating Black Excellence with Special Guests

The Respect, Diversity, and Inclusion (RDI) Office, along with Diversity Circles, is inviting you to join them to honour Black Excellence Day on January 13. We have invited three speakers, BCIT Alum Orene Askew, aka DJ O’Show, Lama Mugabo, and Anthonia Ogundele, to talk about what Black Excellence means to them and what people can […]

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Relearning Gender

Relearning Gender How to Support More Inclusive Spaces for 2S/LGBTQ+ Students and Employees Collaboration in the new world of work requires heightened awareness and learning about equity, diversity, and inclusion — including gender diversity. Join Diversity Circles for this session facilitated by our long time former BCITSA colleague, Trina Prince, now Manager of Equity, Diversity, […]

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Positionality, Privilege, Power

Positionality, Privilege, Power: How to Include Equitable Awareness in our Daily Decisions What is the relationship between Positionality, Privilege, and Power, and how does it impact our approach when making decisions? At all levels of education, equitable decision-making begins with a self-reflective process. We can better advocate for and create equitable learning environments when we understand […]


Intersectional & Justice-Oriented Leadership

Diversity Circles is thrilled to present this workshop from Hook or Crook Consulting! Session description and learning outcomes provided by Hook or Crook Consulting.  This session provides decision makers an opportunity to explore how we can divest from common tactics, tools and practices that perpetuate dysfunction and harm within our organizations–particularly for marginalized community members. Participants […]


Sharing our Story – An Exploration of Identity with Elder Alf Dumont

In 2020 Elder Alf Dumont released his memoir, The Other Side of the River: From Church Pew to Sweat Lodge. In his book he writes:  “The title references these two struggles of identity: trying to find identity, and even clarity, as a person of Indigenous and mixed European descent; looking for clarity as a person who […]

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Why Industry is Hiring Neurodiverse People & Graduates with Disabilities

An Online Panel Featuring Industry Leaders from SAP & KPMG Who are “job-ready” grads? This panel features presenters from KPMG and SAP, industry leaders expanding the definition of the phrase “suitable candidates”, to include and specifically recruit diverse candidates, such as those who are neurodiverse and people with disabilities. Learn about best practices shaping the […]